Research Projects

I’ve directed and worked on a variety of research projects across Europe. The links below give details on my contribution to each project. If there’s no link, and you want to know more, just ask me about the project! If you like my work, feel free to buy me a cup of tea

2022 Sligo’s Noble Six

2022 Tormore Cave – Excavation of a Civil War Hideout

2019- Excavation of the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery

2016- Europe’s Lost Frontiers

2016- Knocknashee Archaeology Project

2016- The Longest Day Research Project: 1798 Battle of Vinegar Hill

2016-2018 Disert Heritage Project

2015- The construction, survival and historical context of the Signal Defensible Guard Houses in Connacht & Ulster (PhD Supervisor)

2014- Geoarchaeology of Dunefield Middens (Director)

2014- Monitoring the Archaeology of Sligo’s Coastline (The MASC Project)

2014 Early Bronze Age Intertidal Saltwater Fulacht Fiadh, Coney Island, Co. Sligo

2014 Proto-Roman Settlement at Civitalba, Italy

2014 Roman Harbour at Portus, Italy

2012-2014 Great Connell Abbey Exploration Project

2011-2014 Induced Polarisation for Wetland Archaeology (PhD component)

2009-2014 Kilcashel Landscape Project (Director)

2011 High Royds Paupers Cemetery

2011-2018 Survey of the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery

2010-2014 4D Time-lapse Earth Resistance Studies (PhD Component)

2010-2013 Archaeology of Festivals

2011 Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project (PhD Component)

2011-2015 Application of Multi-depth Electromagnetic Induction Surveys (PhD Component)

2010-2014 National Roads Authority Fellowship, PhD Research on Analysis of Archaeological Geophysics Legacy Data (PhD)

2010-2014 Rathnadrinna Royal Fort

2008 Geophysical surveys of a Royal Viking Landscape, Stiklestad, Norway

2003-2014 Woodstown Hibernian-Scandinavian longphort (Commercial & PhD Component)

2000-2001 Assessment of the GEM-300 EMI sensor for archaeology

1999-2000 The 1644 Battle of Cheriton

1998-2004 RCAHMW Uplands Initiative: Abergwesyn Common & The Pencelli Estate