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I’ve joined Europe’s Lost Frontiers Project


24 October 2017

Last week I was formally welcomed by Prof. Vince Gaffney on to Europe’s Lost Frontiers Project, a major ERC-funded research project exploring the lost landscapes that were inundated at the end of the last Ice Age. The most well known of these is Doggerland, the submerged land between Britain and NW Europe which was not only a means of access between these two areas, but was actively occupied in the Early Holocene.

The Lost Frontiers Project has assembled an international team of scientists and innovators. I’ve joined the team as an archaeological geophysicist and I’m hoping to create new high resolution maps of European submerged landscapes using a suite of techniques.


Harding, R., Fitch, S., Bates, R., Bates, M., Boyd, S. and Bonsall, J. 2021. ‘Exploring the Submerged Landscapes of Cardigan Bay and the Irish Sea’. Lost Frontiers and Drowned Landscapes in Britain and Beyond, Society of Antiquaries, London, UK. 6-7 May 2021. Available to view:

Harding, R., Fitch, S., Bates, R., Bates, M., Bonsall, J. and Gaffney, V. 2019. ‘Revealing the lost landscapes of Cardigan Bay, Wales: mapping the Holocene transgression using parametric echosounder data’. From the North Sea Lowlands to the Celtic Edge: Reconstructing Interconnected Environments for the Past 500 KYRS, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 18-20 November 2019.

Harding, R., Fitch, S., Gaffney, V., Bates, R., Bates, M. and Bonsall, J. 2019. ‘Lost Frontiers: Mapping the archaeological potential of submerged Holocene landscapes using multi-scale geophysical and borehole data’. Session on – Integration of seismic geomorphology, stratigraphy and borehole data in palaeo-environmental reconstruction. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2019, Austria Center Vienna, Austria, 9 April 2019.

Bonsall, J., Davis, E., Gearey, B., Bates, M., Bates, R., Gaffney, V., Allaby, R., Fitch, S. and Murgatroyd, P. 2018. ‘Mapping the Palaeolandscape Beneath the Irish Sea’. Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Annual Conference, Clayton Hotel, Sligo, 23-24 March 2018.



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