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International Archaeology Conference Attracts Delegates from 33 Countries to Sligo

Press Release 23/08/19 Archaeologists from around the world will be descending on IT Sligo on Wednesday the 28th of August for a very special five day International Conference to discuss the use of the latest technology in exploring our past. The use of drones, geophysics, data mining and artificial intelligence will be among the topics… Continue reading International Archaeology Conference Attracts Delegates from 33 Countries to Sligo

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Signal Defensible Guard Houses

Project: The construction, survival and historical context of the Signal Defensible Guard Houses in Connacht and Ulster Directors: Stuart Rathbone (PhD Candidate), Dr. James Bonsall (Supervisor), IT Sligo Location: Connacht & Ulster, Ireland Year: 2015- Website: https://irishsignalstations.wordpress.com/the-irish-signal-stations/ Aim: This post graduate research project aims to provide detailed written and drawn accounts of the surviving signal stations around the North… Continue reading Signal Defensible Guard Houses


I’ve said “Farewell” to Earthsound

After 17 years as co-director of Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics / Earthsound Geophysics Limited, I have stood down and sold my interest in the company. I created Earthsound in August 2002 and was delighted to serve as co-director since that time. It has been an incredibly enjoyable experience, taking me to every county on the island… Continue reading I’ve said “Farewell” to Earthsound

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Archaeological Excavation at Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Sligo

Press Release 19/06/2019 A team of archaeologists from IT Sligo have just completed a two-week archaeological excavation of a prehistoric monument in the heart of the Carrowmore megalithic complex, Sligo. Carrowmore is the largest cemetery of megalithic tombs in Ireland, with 5,500 year old passage tombs dating from 3,600 BC. IT Sligo archaeologists Dr Marion Dowd… Continue reading Archaeological Excavation at Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Sligo

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Kilcashel Landscape Project

Project: Kilcashel Landscape Project Directors: Dr. James Bonsall, IT Sligo Location: Kilcashel townland, Kilmovee, County Mayo Year: 2009-2014 Funding: The Heritage Council (2010), Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics (2009-2014), Centre for Environmental Research Innovation And Sustainability (2018) Website: http://kilcashel.com Aim: The application of landscape archaeology methods and techniques to comprehensively assess the townland of Kilcashel and disseminate that information to the… Continue reading Kilcashel Landscape Project

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Monitoring the Archaeology of Sligo’s Coastline: The MASC Project

Project: Monitoring the Archaeology of Sligo's Coastline: The MASC Project Directors: Dr. James Bonsall, Sam Moore, IT Sligo Location: County Sligo Year: 2014-ongoing Funding: No funding Website: https://themascproject.wordpress.com Aim: The aim of the MASC Project is to engage with and provide training for individuals, voluntary community groups and interested NGO’s living or operating along the coastline of Co. Sligo to… Continue reading Monitoring the Archaeology of Sligo’s Coastline: The MASC Project

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Knocknashee Archaeology Project

  Project: Knocknashee Archaeology Project Directors: Dr. Dirk Brandherm, Cormac McSparron, Queen's University Belfast Location: Knocknashee, Lavagh, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo Year: 2016-ongoing Funding: Royal Irish Academy Grant (2016, 2017) Aim: Geophysical surveys assessed house sites on the plateau of Knocknashee, a hillfort complex which also contains two Passage Tombs. In 2016 I directed surveys at Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics across the entire… Continue reading Knocknashee Archaeology Project

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I’ve joined Europe’s Lost Frontiers Project

24 October 2017 Last week I was formally welcomed by Prof. Vince Gaffney on to Europe's Lost Frontiers Project, a major ERC-funded research project exploring the lost landscapes that were inundated at the end of the last Ice Age. The most well known of these is Doggerland, the submerged land between Britain and NW Europe which… Continue reading I’ve joined Europe’s Lost Frontiers Project

Research Projects

Great Connell Abbey Exploration Project

Project: Great Connell Abbey Exploration Project Directors: James Bonsall, Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics & Dr. Thomas Loughlin, Irish Hellenic Institute, Athens, Greece. Location: Great Connell Abbey, Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland Year: 2012-2014 Funding: €3,900 (Kildare County Council Community Heritage Grant €2,400, Kildare Archaeological Society Research Grant €1,500) Aim: This project examined the use and demise of Great Connell Abbey by tracing the… Continue reading Great Connell Abbey Exploration Project